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I have all the skills and the tools for mobile repair jobs. Quality and customer service are my biggest assets.

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by Gloria, DFW

The mechanic will let you know all that needs service on your vehicle. In my case needed my car running fix the main to parts that needed to be replace and to get me back on the road again .Service was great.

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    2017 Ford Escape

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Once you get a quote from our certified technician, they arrive at your house in 48 hours. Whether you're by Central City or close to Deer Valley, our mechanics come directly to your location in Phoenix, Arizona. Likewise, our mobile mechanics are flexible and proactive when organizing auto repairs around a schedule that suits your own.

We service all vehicle brands and models in Phoenix. Our ASE-certified technicians offer anything from auto repair to quick auto tune-ups on both old and new vehicles. 

Request a quote to find out how much an auto repair for your car or truck model.

If you need general repairs in Phoenix, AZ, the cost varies based on the services you are looking for. If you sign up for Goodhood's oil change membership plan, you can get a 10% discount on oil changes, tune-ups, and other car inspections.

There are all sorts of factors that can dictate the cost of an auto repair appointment. The things to take into consideration include:

  • The severity of the issue

  • The level of expertise

  • The model and make of the car

  • Whether you're using a general repairs shop or a mobile mechanic

  • Where you're based in Phoenix, AZ

No one can predict the cost of car repairs before they happen. This can sometimes lead to people being charged more than necessary. To avoid this, we offer a quote for the repairs before we start working on the car. This gives you the power to make a decision about whether or not you want to have the work done.

Our certified technicians in Phoenix are able to offer an array of different automotive repair services. Whether you're after a full-service check-up, a fuel pump change, or preventative fixes - we've got you covered.

Here are just some of the different services our mobile mechanics provide to any customer looking to book an appointment.

  • Oil changes - Don't want to deal with the hassle of changing your oil? No problem. We can do it for you. Plus, if you sign up for our oil change membership, you'll never have to worry about forgetting or running out of time again.

  • Exhaust systems - If you think something might be wrong with your exhaust, we can help connect you with a mechanic in Phoenix who specializes in exhaust systems.

  • Brake repair - If your brakes are not working well, you might be in danger. You might also cause danger to other drivers. It is important to get your brakes fixed as soon as possible. You might need new brake pads or just a second opinion.

  • Transmission service - Our technicians can do regular maintenance on your transmission or fix it if there is a problem. We can help with any kind of car, including SUVs and Trucks.

  • Wheel alignment - You could attempt to balance and align your wheels at home, but it is better to have a professional do it. Talk to one of our technicians in Phoenix to get the service done. They will make sure that it is done correctly.

  • Suspension - There are on average nine different suspension components in most cars. This is a difficult fix. Unless you're very confident, it is best to leave these car repairs to a professional so that you don't damage the car further.

  • Engine repair - Engines are complicated, but if you don't take care of engine problems, they can get worse. If you take care of engine problems, your car will last longer. Please call us if you have questions about your car's engine performance.

  • Tune-ups - All vehicles need tune-ups from time to time! This is routine and preventative work that we recommend all our customers carry out in order to prolong the life of their car. Scheduled maintenance can be carried out by you, but why go through the hassle! We provide stress-free car repair services for the whole of Phoenix.

Auto repair in Phoenix, AZ has never been easier! If you want reliable car maintenance and the best auto repair without driving all the way to an auto shop, request a quote now.

Whether you're a car or truck owner in Phoenix, AZ a mobile mechanic is a much easier, affordable, and trustworthy option when compared to a repair shop.

Here are some reasons why - as a customer - you are better off using a mobile mechanic from Goodhood than a Phoenix auto repair shop:

  • Convenience - Mobile auto repair services are more convenient than going to a car repair shop. For example, if you need a quick stop auto repair, it is easier to order a mobile service than to try and find a car repair shop that is open. If you do find one that does not include times spent stuck in the waiting area of the shop. However, you may get a quote through our website, be matched with one of our experienced professionals, and have us come to your home or place of business. This implies that any repair or fix will be done around your schedule.

  • Great service - As mentioned before, all of our mobile mechanics across Arizona are ASE-approved technicians and have years of experience working on cars in the

    Phoenix area. While there are many great locally-owned shops in

    Phoenix, AZ, it's still a gamble. Goodhood is a company that you can trust for quality work. Our mechanics are honest and will fix your car so it's like new again. Plus, we offer a 24-month and 24,000-mile nationwide warranty on all of our services.

  • Trustworthy - When leaving your vehicle in the hands of other guys, it's important to feel safe knowing they'll do a quality job for a fair price. Our mobile auto repair service is more trustworthy and transparent than an auto repair shop. With a locally owned shop, you can easily be taken advantage of if you don't have an in-depth knowledge of vehicles. We want to change that. We offer a fair and honest pricing model. You will be given a fixed price before any repairs take place. The money will only change hands after you are completely happy with the service. We offer the same level of transparency to all customers in Phoenix.

Goodhood can offer auto repair or full-service maintenance for your company's fleet.

We understand the concerns a business has about ensuring their vehicles pass inspections according to state law and we know it's impractical for you to have to take your fleet to a ship.

If your company has a fleet of light trucks or large haulage vehicles, schedule a routine check-up or a quick stop auto repair via the Goodhood website, and we'll come to wherever your company is based in Phoenix, AZ.