We're Hiring Technicians

Earn $30-$60/hr by doing mobile car maintenance & light repair

Who We Are

Goodhood is a fast-growing technician-friendly mobile repair service. At Goodhood, we take care of our technicians. We handle customer acquisition, support, & payments. Allowing you to focus solely on what you do - car repair & maintenance. We have a steady flow of customers.

We have parts logistics set up where you don't have to pay anything out of pocket. Our top technicians get paid $4000-$8000/month

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Why are technicians joining us?

We trust our team and take care of their growth.


Set your own schedule & coverage

Whether outside of your hours or on the weekends or regular hours, you're in charge of your schedule & coverage area.

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Fair pay + commissions

Whether outside of your hours or on the weekends or regular hours, you're in charge of your schedule & coverage area.

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No heavy or complex jobs

Only perform basic repair & maintenance


Incredible support

We have service advisors & other techs on staff to support you.

Earnings Calculator

(includes $100/wk bonus)

*Average FMC Mechanic Rate

40Hours Per Week

We Pay Better

Goodhood Technicians usually make more than their shop or dealership counterpart

Your Time Is Your Time

Goodhood Technicians work on their own schedule and make their own hours.

Unique Benefits of Working At Goodhood


Set Your Own Schedule

Have a better work/life balance. From full-time to only working evenings or on the weekends. You get complete control over your schedule.


Better Pay & Flexible Hours

Most techs work 25-40 hrs/week at $30-60/hr flag time/flat rate. Our techs earn more pay in fewer hours v. working at a shop.


Growth Opportunities

You pick the type of projects that you want to work on. Opt to become a leader & train younger mechanics for compensation.


Earn 2x Over Industry Average

Earn $30-60/hr + commission + weekly bonuses + tips. Our techs earn 2x more than the industry average.


Why should I join?

If you're looking for flexible schedules, extra work, enjoy talking to customers, need to put your tools to use & want to be part of a fast-growing technician-friendly nationwide company

How does it work?

You sign up, set your schedule & start receiving jobs. You get all customer, job information to accept the job along with phone support from our team.

How much & how do I get paid?

$30-$60/hr flat rate depending on skill, along with commissions. We add time to book times for each job on top of Mitchell or All Data time. Weekly direct deposit.

What about parts?

You won't be paying out of pocket, you can pick up the parts from your home store or any store nearby the customer.

Is there room for growth?

Definitely. Get paid $5/hr more after every 500 hours. Career path includes training other techs or becoming a regional manager.

How are parts paid for?

We have national accounts with several major automotive parts supply companies. Our technicians charge parts picked up for their jobs directly to the companies account.

Is this a 1099 position?

Yes. Once established, you're eligible for a minimum monthly guarantee.

What Our Mobile Techs Say

"This has changed my life, my marriage, my everything. I have 30 years of experience and never have I been treated this fairly. I'm getting paid more than twice what I get paid at my dealership. I'd never go back to working full-time at a shop again. I'm happy I came across this."

David the Mechanic


Auto-Technician w/ 30 Years Experience