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What You Need To Know About Used Car Inspection

What Do We Offer?

Our ASE-certified mechanics will come to you and inspect used cars, trucks, and vans. If you are going to sell or buy a vehicle, our mechanics will make sure the vehicle is in good condition.

How We Do It?

Once you book a used car inspection from, we will send a mobile mechanic that is ASE-certified to your location based on the time and day you selected.

What We Recommend

Used car inspections can help you identify any problems with the car or truck and help you negotiate a lower price and plan for repairs.

How to Book a Used Car Inspection With Us?

Booking a used car inspection with Goodhood is extremely simple. Just follow these 3 easy steps.

  • Request a used car inspection quote

  • Book an appointment

  • Pay after used car inspection service

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What Is Included in a Used Car Inspection?

Typically, a pre-purchase inspection will include checking the overall condition of the vehicle, including body panels, tire wear, and brake performance, as well as identifying any noises or possible mechanical problems.

If you don't do this before negotiating with a seller, it's like purchasing without looking at your purchase beforehand.

What Should You Look at During a Pre-purchase Inspection?

There are many things you should inspect when looking at a used car. You should check the exterior for any damage and the interior for any signs of wear. You should also inspect the engine and drivetrain to make sure they are in good condition. You should also test drive the car to make sure it drives smoothly.

What Is the Average Cost of a Used Vehicle Inspection?

The average cost of a used car inspection is between $100-$250. However, this price may vary depending on the location and the type of inspection service.

Should I Get a Used Car Inspection?

Yes, you should get a used car inspection. Pre-purchase inspections can help you identify any potential problems with the car and help you negotiate a lower price.

What Is the Best Time for a Used Car Inspection?

The best time for a used car inspection is before you purchase the car. This will help you to know what condition the car is in and what repairs may need to be made.

What Are the Symptoms to Look For on a Used Car Inspection?

The most common symptoms to look for during a used car inspection are:

  • Excessive Smoke from the Exhaust

  • Pulling to One Side

  • Leaks Under the Vehicle

  • Cracked Windshield

  • Unusual Noises when Driving

What Is the Most Common Problem Found on a Used Car Inspection?

The most common problem found in a used car inspection is often that the seller deliberately hid or minimized damage to the vehicle.

There are many ways sellers may hide or minimize damages, from washing away obvious oil stains, taking photos at angles that obscure flaws, and placing objects on top of dents, so they're not visible. The best defense against this is to have a professional mechanic look at the car before you buy it.

What Noises Should I Look Out for During Used Vehicle Inspections?

You should be on the lookout for any strange noises that the car may be making. This could be a sign that there is something wrong with the car, and it will need to be fixed. If you are not familiar with how a car should sound, take it to ASE-certified technicians to have them perform a mechanic's inspection. They will be able to tell you if there is something wrong with the car and how much it will cost to fix it.

What Should I Be Checking Under the Car for During a Used Car Inspection?

You should be checking under the car for anything that looks out of place. This could be a sign that there is something wrong with the car and it.

Should I Invest in a Used Car Inspection?

Unless you're a mechanic or auto expert, it can be difficult to know the state of a used car's condition on your own. Investing in inspection services from a trusted source like Goodhood will give you peace of mind and help save you from unknown road hazards, mechanical issues, or potentially costly repairs that may have slipped under your radar.

Can You Do a Used Car Inspection Without Driving the Car?

Yes, a used car inspection can be done without driving the car. However, it is always recommended to test-drive the car to get a better idea of its condition.

What Should You Check for During a Used Car Inspection?

The following are some things you should check for during a used car inspection:

  • The engine

  • The body of the car

  • The tires

  • The brakes

  • The steering

  • The transmission

When Is the Best Time to Get a Used Car Inspection?

It is recommended to get a used car inspection with an independent mechanic about two weeks before the purchase date.

How Do I Know if a Used Car Is Worth Buying?

One way to know if a used car is worth buying is to have it inspected by a mechanic. A good mechanic will be able to tell you if the car has any major problems that need to be fixed and whether or not the car is worth buying for a reasonable fee. You can also lookup the car's history report if it's available. This vehicle history report will tell you if the car has been in any accidents or if it's been in a flood.

What Should I Look For During a Used Car Inspection?

During a used car inspection, you should look for signs of damage and wear, such as trouble codes, body defects, rust, dents, or scratches. You should also check the engine and make sure all the lights and signals work.

What Are the Most Common Problems With Used Cars?

Most common problems with used cars include worn-out brakes, bald tires, and engine problems.

How Can I Negotiate a Better Price on a Used Car?

One way to negotiate a better price on a used car is to wait for the seller to come down in price. Another option is to offer a lower price than what the seller is asking. You can also try to convince the seller that you are interested in buying the car if he or she lowers the price. Car dealers usually want to make a sale, so they may lower the price if they think you are serious about buying the car.

Should I Buy a Used or New Car?

Ask yourself this; which is better for the environment, less costly to purchase, and easier on your budget? A used car.

The impact of new cars on the environment is small these days, but largely because of their sheer numbers. It takes a lot of energy and natural resources to produce new cars, from raw materials extraction through manufacturing and transportation.

What Are the Basic Steps in a Car Inspection?

The basic steps in a car inspection are to:

  • Check the engine for leaks or listen for strange noises

  • Look under the car for fluid leaks

  • Check the brakes and steering

  • Inspect the tires and wheels

  • Test drive the car

Who Should I Get To Do a Used Car Inspection for Me?

You can get a used car inspection from a mechanic, or you can contact us to an ASE-certified mobile mechanic from Goodhood to inspect your potential vehicle.

Should I Invest in a Used Car Inspection Service, or Can I Inspect It Myself?

It's always a good idea to have a used car inspected by a professional, especially if you're not familiar with cars. A used car inspection service can help identify any potential problems with the car and help you negotiate a better price.

Do All Used Cars Need an Inspection?

The requirement for an inspection differs depending on the state you live in. For example, in California and many other states, most used cars need to pass a smog check before they can be registered. Whether or not other types of inspections are required depends mostly on your personal preference and knowledge about the car.

Can I Do a Used Car Inspection Myself, or Do I Need to Have a Professional Do It?

An inspection can be done by anyone but make sure you have access to any resources or tools needed for the job. All of the information you will need is available for viewing before you purchase the car, which should give you a lot of understanding of what it might need.

A used car inspection takes time, attention to detail, and mechanical knowledge that not everyone might have. A professional inspector will have access to all the necessary tools and resources as well as the knowledge of what to look for.

What Should I Be Looking for During a Used Car Inspection?

State safety and emission inspections are important, but a pre-purchase inspection by a qualified mechanic is the best way to protect yourself from buying a lemon. During a used car inspection, the mechanic will check the vehicle for problems such as fluid leaks, broken hoses, worn brakes and tires, and engine noise, and if there are any major issues like a cracked engine block. He or she may also test the car's electrical system, computer, and emissions to find hidden problems.

When Is the Best Time to Get a Used Car Inspection?

The best time to get a used car inspection is before you purchase the vehicle. If you need an inspection report, contact for your mobile inspection process.

How Do I Know if a Used Car Is Worth Buying?

A used car inspection can help determine the condition of a particular used vehicle.

With an independent inspection, you have a professional third-party looking over your potential purchase to tell you if it has any issues that will soon turn into costly repairs or replacements. They'll also give you an estimate of how long the car should last and what other factors might affect the car's worth.

What Should I Look For During a Used Car Inspection?

The most important part of a used car inspection is checking the engine. Other things you should check include the engine oil, brakes, tires, and body of the car. If you're not sure how to do it, you can always take it to a mechanic for a more thorough inspection with diagnostic equipment.

What Problems Should I Be Aware Of With Used Cars?

Among other problems, the most common problems with used cars are excessive corrosion on the car's exterior, no air conditioning, incorrect or missing vehicle identification information, missing owner's, manual previous collision or flood damage, odometer fraud, and inadequate maintenance.

Older vehicles tend to be less reliable than newer ones because they're often used as taxi cabs where drivers neglect routine maintenance in favor of sheer numbers of runs completed. Many used cars for sale are sold "as is," and car buyers take a chance on whether there are undisclosed mechanical problems that could lead to high repair costs.

How Can I Negotiate a Better Price on a Used Car?

The negotiation process typically starts on the phone by discussing your needs and budget with a salesperson. From there, prepare to follow up in person if you live close to the dealership or are within driving distance.

Typically, at the dealer's lot, you can negotiate prices for a trade-in. The car will likely have suffered wear and tear, but the dealer will want to offset that by giving you a lower price on the trade-in.

If you're not trading in a car, ask about any added fees, such as documentation or prep fees. You may be able to have the dealer waive these fees if you negotiate well.

Should I Buy a Used or New Car?

There are pros and cons to both buying a used car and buying a new car. Some people prefer the peace of mind that comes with a new car or being gas-free with electric vehicles, while others like bargain hunting and lower prices associated with used cars. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what's important to you and your needs.

What Are the Best Used Cars?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different people have different opinions. However, some popular choices include used cars from brands like Honda and Toyota, as they tend to be reliable and have a long lifespan. Additionally, smaller cars are often cheaper to maintain and tend to get better gas mileage than larger models.

How Do I Buy a Car Sight Unseen?

A used car inspection can help you with your decision to buy a car.

A certified pre-owned vehicle warranty protects the buyer from many of these risks and from running into costly repairs. Automotive consultants suggest that buyers with small budgets who want quality should consider buying certified cars, which have been rigorously examined by mechanics and found to be in good condition.

Before you purchase a used car, either from a dealership or a private seller, it's important to have it inspected by a reliable mechanic. Buying a car without inspecting it from a private party is a risky proposition, as there could be expensive problems with the vehicle that you're not aware of.

The inspection will help you determine the condition of the car, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to buy it. It will also help you understand what kind of repairs may be necessary for the near future.

Why Would Someone Want to Buy a New Car Instead of a Used One?

There are a few reasons why someone might want to buy a new car instead of a used one. For one, a new car will usually have a warranty that covers most repairs for the first few years or so. Additionally, a new car will likely be more reliable and have fewer issues than a used car, and it'll also be under a factory warranty. Finally, a new car typically has a higher resale value than a used car.

How Do I Know if a Used Car Is Worth Buying?

There is no definitive answer, but you can use a number of factors to help make your decision. Some things you may want to consider include the car's age, mileage, and condition, as well as how much money you think you could get for it if you decided to sell it later on. You should also research the Kelley Blue Book value of the car to get a sense of how much money you should be paying the private sellers.

How Do I Know if a Used Car Has Been in a Wreck?

Unless the car has been in a major accident, it may be difficult to tell just by looking at it. One way to check is to ask the seller for the vehicle's Carfax report. This written report will show if the car has been in any accidents, as well as other information such as how many owners it has had and whether it's been in flood.