Drive and Stay


Delivering a next-level experience for you and your car.

How it Works


Plug In Device

Your Goodhood technician will install the device in your vehicle


Open Goodhood Mobile App

Open the Goodhood mobile app to view and track your vehicle's location and health


Get Reminders

We will notify you when your vehicle needs maintenance, and your device will detect any engine lights which we can diagnose for you remotely

Track your vehicles

Use the Goodhood mobile app to track your vehicles. Have peace of mind knowing your drivers are safe.


Get notifications for when your vehicles needs services, order a Goodhood technician right to your vehicle with a few taps. Be educated on any diagnostic codes and get remote diagnostics from our team.


Monitor the health of your vehicles, with metrics like oil life, fuel level, tire pressure and more.

Mobile Technician

If your vehicles need diagnostics or services, request a Goodhood technician right to your vehicle with just a few taps


For individuals who like to stay on top of their vehicle maintenance.


For families with multiple cars who like to keep track of their vehicles and know that they are safe.

Certified Mechanics,

right to your driveway

All services are backed by a 2 year warranty


Compact yet powerful.

Our small OBD device delivers real-time insights directly to your Goodhood mobile app.