Engine Code

P0300 Code

in 2008 Honda Fit


What is the P0300 or P0302 code in my 2008 Honda Fit?

The P0300 code indicates a random misfire, and the P0301 through P0312 codes indicate misfires in specific cylinders (for example, P0304 would indicate a misfire in cylinder 4 in the firing order). These codes suggest that there is a problem with the ignition system, which could be due to a failing ignition coil.

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What are the possible causes of P0300 code?

  • Wear and tear over time.

  • Overheating, which can be caused by excessive engine heat or operating conditions.

  • Electrical overload or short circuits, which can damage the coil's internal components.

  • Mechanical damage or vibration, which can cause physical damage to the coil.

  • Faulty spark plugs or other ignition system components, which can cause the coil to work harder and fail prematurely.

NOTE: The causes shown may not be a complete list of all potential problems, and it is possible that there may be other causes.

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What are the symptoms of P17F1 code?

  • Rough idling, reduced power, or hesitation during acceleration.

  • A check engine light might come on.

  • Increased fuel consumption.


What is the cost and procedures to fix the P0300 code?

  • Repair Procedure: Remove and replace ignition coil

  • Labor: ~1 hour

  • Parts: Ignition coil: ~$120

  • Total: ~$250

The technician removes the faulty ignition coil from the engine, disconnects the electrical connections, and installs a new ignition coil, ensuring all connections are secure before testing the vehicle for proper operation.

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