Engine Code

C0050 Code

in 2018 GMC Savana


What does the C0050 Engine Code in my GMC Savana mean?

The C0050 error code in a 2018 GMC Savana indicates a problem with the right rear wheel speed sensor circuit. This issue is related to the vehicle's brake assist or brake system. The right rear wheel speed sensor might not be providing the necessary signal or might be malfunctioning, which can affect the vehicle's ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and traction control systems.

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What are the possible causes of C0050 code?

  • The wheel speed sensor itself could be faulty, causing inaccurate or inconsistent speed readings.

  • The wiring or connections to the wheel speed sensor could be damaged, leading to an interruption in the signal transmission.

  • Accumulation of debris, such as metallic particles, on the magnetic "tone" wheel or the wheel speed sensor can interfere with the signal, causing the ABS to activate prematurely.

  • In some cases, a failed magnetic ring on the wheel bearing could throw off the wheel speed sensor, leading to the C0050 code.

  • The EBCM is responsible for receiving the signal from the wheel speed sensors and controlling various brake functions. If the EBCM is malfunctioning, it could lead to issues with the wheel speed sensor circuit.

  • The wiring harness connecting the wheel speed sensor to the EBCM could be damaged or have poor connections, causing a disruption in the signal.

NOTE: The causes shown may not be a complete list of all potential problems, and it is possible that there may be other causes.

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What are the symptoms of P17F1 code?

  • The most obvious symptom you would notice is the illumination of the Check Engine or ABS warning light on the dashboard, indicating a problem with the vehicle's systems.

  • Reduced braking performance, as the vehicle's computer might not receive accurate information from the right rear wheel speed sensor. This can result in longer stopping distances and increased risk during emergency braking situations.

  • Stability and traction control systems might not function correctly, which can lead to a loss of control in certain driving conditions.

  • Rough shifting, delayed shifting, or other transmission-related problems.


What is the cost and procedures to fix the C0050 code?

  • Repair Procedure: Remove and replace ABS sensor

  • Labor: ~1.2 hours

  • Parts: Rear Wheel ABS Sensor: ~$150

  • Total: ~$300

The technician removes the wheel, disconnects the sensor wire harness, removes the sensor from its mounting, installs the new sensor, reconnects the wire harness, and finally, reinstalls the wheel to replace the right rear wheel speed sensor.

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